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Maybe you only need to make underwear and carry a paper bag, you can encounter paper

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-25

A few days ago, the editor received a call, the customer asked me if I knew where in Guangzhou to make and wholesale underwear paper bags, the editor said that I could not answer this question, after all, the editor is not a customer service staff of 12580 or Baidu Maps Ah, the editor can only answer: Wholesale panties tote paper bag making bags? It's better to go directly to customization, the price is cheaper, and it can help you design for free, so that there are more possibilities for making underwear paper bags. The client was silent for 5 seconds after hearing the editor's words, and then decided to come and have a look. At first glance, everything seemed to be going well, but after a few days. . .

A few days later, the client contacted me again, and here are some silhouettes of the client's conversation:

Hey, I just want to make a paper bag for panties. When your designers step in, it becomes like this▼▼▼

At first glance, these words are all going to come to trouble the editor, so the editor has already made a plan to be scolded, but I didn't expect that my dear friend to change the topic again. :▼▼▼

Little girl, if I hadn't come to your company to wholesale panties tote paper bags, I wouldn't even know that the panties tote paper bags can be made so tall. I like the samples very much, thank you very much!

After listening to his words, although my mood is as exciting as a roller coaster, I still have to keep smiling, but I really want to say something: Can you talk half a sentence? My little cardiologist can't take it! The editor was so frightened that I naturally couldn't make the culprit feel better. Here is his monologue:

Yes, as you can see, I'm a paper bag maker for panties, but the designer designed me like this. Along the diagonal, I was divided into two boxes, one of which contained simple and comfortable styles for work wear. . . The other one, uh, is creative and interesting, but I know, you humans call it a sex appeal, am I right?

Just forget it, the two boxes are also written, workhard, playhard. Don't ask me, I just want to make a beautiful box quietly. . . Also, I'm from a designer, can I decide what I look like? The hateful editor has to be good to me, and the baby expressed very aggrieved.

Seeing that the customer is so satisfied with the production of this panty tote paper bag, the editor has a lot of forgiveness for it. Maybe the production of this underwear paper bag is not very suitable for the public's taste, but don't forget that it can be customized, so if you want to wholesale underwear paper bags, please feel free to come!

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