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Matters needing attention in the production of wholesale red wine paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-21

As a wine merchant, you always need to match your red wine with a suitable red wine paper bag to create brand value with high appearance, thereby increasing sales. At present, there are many manufacturers of wholesale red wine paper bags on the market, and the fish and eyes are mixed. If you are not careful, you will be pitted or wholesale some low-quality red wine paper bags. So what needs to be paid attention to in the production of wholesale red wine paper bags?

1. Choose a professional and qualified packaging manufacturer

Red wine products are easily broken during transportation. Therefore, the requirements for the load-bearing capacity, portability and protection function of paper bags are very strict. Professional paper bag manufacturers will be very careful in the selection of materials and the production process according to the characteristics of red wine. The packaging materials of the products produced are all certified internationally, which guarantees the quality of the products to a certain extent.

Second, compare the three.

Wholesale red wine paper bag making, you must learn to shop around and find the one with the best price/performance ratio. Especially for those who are wholesalers for the first time, don't be in a hurry to get the goods, ask more, read more, and find out the market conditions.

3. Carefully check the goods.

In order to avoid regrets, when making wholesale red wine paper bags, you need to check the goods carefully. For example, the size of the paper bag, the flatness of the surface, the thickness of the packaging, and the pressure resistance.

4. Mark the production of red wine paper bags that you have wholesaled.

Many wine merchants make wholesale paper bags more than once, which requires timely registration of each wholesaler, and notes the manufacturer's phone number, address, and personal evaluation for future reference.

5. Contact the paper bag making wholesalers during the purchase process to learn more about them, because you can learn a lot of questions from the conversation with the wholesalers.

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