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Material selection for cosmetic paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-30

In today's highly competitive market, female consumers are the main force in the current cosmetics consumer market, because women are a beauty-loving group. However, cosmetic packaging is the key to attracting the attention of female consumers. The material selection of cosmetic paper bags is particularly important. Generally, several colors are used to match the design, which can give people a pleasing visual experience. So what materials are used to make cosmetic paper bags that can grab attention? Let us explain the commonly used materials for making cosmetic paper bags.

1. Coated paper is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. It is divided into double copper and single copper. Both single copper and double copper are coated paper. The surface of the paper is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness and gloss. good degree. However, double-coated paper is smooth on both sides, which can be printed on both sides. The single-coated paper only has one side smooth, which can be printed on one side.

2. Gold cards, silver cardboards, and laser gold and silver cards are also used as packaging materials for cosmetic paper bags. They can emit seven colors when illuminated by light, which is as colorful as a seven-color rainbow. It gives people a bright and colorful visual experience and conveys a strong fashion taste and trendy atmosphere. Seize the attention of consumers and stand out from the crowd, thereby promoting the sales of products.

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