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Manufacture of portable paper bags that integrate practicality and aesthetics with paper rope

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-31

It is not difficult to find that many hand ropes made of paper bags are made of plastic rope and nylon rope. However, the ropes of these two materials will increase environmental pollution. Relatively speaking, paper ropes are not only environmentally friendly, but also use paper ropes. The paper bags made are beautiful and durable. Let me take you to know the paper bag and paper rope.

Paper bag paper rope is the paper rope used to make paper bag handles. Imported kraft paper and wood pulp paper are used as raw materials, and special machines are used to twist paper bag paper ropes of different specifications, and finally cut them into various types according to needs. Different lengths.


Paper bag paper rope has all the characteristics of paper rope, that is, environmental protection, wear resistance, strong tensile force, odorless, recyclable and other characteristics. It is a very environmentally friendly material.


There are many different classifications of paper bag paper rope, the most common are folding rope and card head paper rope. The folding rope is directly folded together with paper materials such as kraft paper, and then directly glued to the edge of the paper bag; the card head paper rope needs to be twisted by the machine into a strand shape, at the two ends of the paper rope Get the glue head and glue it to the cardboard.

Finally, let's watch the production of portable paper bags made of paper rope.

High-grade kraft paper bag sticker rope: strong, durable, beautiful, highlighting the natural, retro feelings, highlighting the grade.

High-quality environmental protection rope: tight and firm, not tight, wear-resistant and not easy to break, it is the first choice for making high-grade, environmentally friendly paper bags.

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