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【Manual paper bag customization】Measurement and application of packaging size

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-19
Many users are responding that when the custom paper bag is packaged, there will be a phenomenon of warping. However, the main reason for this phenomenon is that the number of stickers is too many, and it is not measured well. The following The packaging editor will teach you how to accurately measure the custom packaging of the paper bag.

1. The size of the flat paper is to measure the length and width of the flat paper with a steel tape measure with an accuracy of 1mm and a length of 2000mm.

2. Take out three paper samples from each packaging unit for measurement. The measurement results are expressed as all measurement values, accurate to 1mm.

3. The roll paper only measures the width of the roll, and the measurement result is expressed in millimeters, accurate to 1mm.

4. The size of the reel paper used in the customization of the paper bag is to measure the width of the reel.

If you want the paper bag to be customized and molded more beautifully, measure it according to the above method. For customized packaging products such as paper bags, if you need to know more, you can consult us.
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