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Make a four-pointer, your paper bag is made instantly taller

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-09

I always hear people complaining that their paper bags are made of too low grade, but they don't go deep into the most fundamental factor that affects the grade of paper bags. You must know that as long as we figure out the magic weapon to improve the grade of hand-held paper bags, no matter what paper bag you design, the grade will not be low. So what aspects can be done to immediately improve the grade of paper bag production?

Focus on the production and customization of portable paper bags. Tell you that the four factors that affect the grade of paper bags are: the choice of paper material, the smoothness of the production and printing of the paper bag, the ink absorption of the printed paper in the paper bag, and the content The amount of water.

1. The choice of paper material for making paper bags

To enhance the value of paper bag making, the most important thing is the choice of paper material. Generally, the paper made by making paper bags includes kraft paper, white cardboard, white cardboard with gray background, white cardboard with white background, and coated paper. Among them, the kraft paper bag has better stiffness and toughness, and the surface is relatively rough, and it has a background color. It is generally not suitable for four-color printing. It only does some single-color printing and does not need to be coated on the surface. This seems to be of higher grade. However, if you choose other materials, you can print a beautiful pattern through four-color printing, and then cover it, otherwise it will be degummed. The selected paper has passed international certification, which guarantees the value of the product.

2. The smoothness of making and printing portable paper bags

Smoothness is the most important printing performance of paper. No matter which printing method is used, the paper bags printed on paper with a smoother surface have clearer outlines and images. The paper with low smoothness, due to paper The surface is not stable, and the printing plate cannot be evenly contacted during printing, so the ink layer cannot be transferred to the paper surface well, resulting in the imaginary imprint of the printed matter, which affects the quality of the printed matter. Using mechanized production lines, the paper bags produced are made straight, clean and tidy.

3. Ink absorption of printing paper made from paper bags

The ink absorption performance of paper will affect the quality of paper bags. The ink absorption of paper refers to the degree of ink absorption by the paper. The more the paper absorbs ink, the stronger the ink absorption of this paper, and vice versa. In the printing process, the ink absorption of the paper should be moderate. Because when the paper absorbs ink too small, the imprint is easy to appear unclear or not obvious, and it will cause blur and print-through when it is too large.

4. Water content of paper

To print high-quality paper bags, the moisture content of the paper cannot be too high or too low. If the paper contains a lot of water, the strength of the paper will be reduced. Under the action of external force, the fibers will be pulled out, the moldability will be enhanced, and the drying speed of the print will be affected. If it is too low, the paper will be brittle and easily damaged. Static electricity will also be generated when the paper bag is made and printed.

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