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Luxury moon cake gift box case

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-15

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. Many luxury companies will not miss this opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. Although there is still half a year before the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, it will take time to complete from packaging design, customization to packaging. Here are some very good luxury moon cake gift boxes.


When you open the Bulgari mooncake gift box, what appears is a rabbit standing in the center of the iconic bullring in Rome, looking up at the full moon illuminated by LEDs. There are four mooncakes in this exquisite box, which are egg yolk and bean paste flavors, which are also the flavors of traditional Chinese mooncakes. Compared with other gift boxes, this mooncake gift box can be charged through USB, so that the mooncake box can become a decorative item that consumers can keep indefinitely.


Belgian luxury leather goods brand Delvaux’s mooncake box was inspired by the “Avia Airess” suitcase. The 'Avia Airess' suitcase was designed by the Delvaux brand in the 1950s and has been patented in 20 countries. It is also one of Delvaux's best-selling products. The Delvaux brand packaging designer incorporated the shape and details of the 'Avia Airess' suitcase into the mooncake packaging box. This has also caused many loyal customers to promote it on various social platforms.


'Constellation' formed the theme of Dior's mooncake collection last year. With the brand's consistent elegance and modernity, Dior printed Dior's Logo and constellation prints in the dark blue luxury packaging. In addition to moon cakes, it is also paired with tea, which is the favorite drink of Chinese people, and a round fan.


Following the trend of physical attention this year, Gucci has created a gold and green velvet music box for its mooncakes. When the mooncake gift box is opened, a white rabbit enters the center area, surrounded by four mooncakes and background music. There is a mirror on the lid of the box, and the box can also be used to store jewelry after customers finish eating the mooncakes.

Nowadays, moon cakes have gone beyond the attributes of snacks and pastries, and they are the representative of Chinese traditional culture. In order to strengthen the Chinese market, many international luxury brands have also incorporated many traditional Chinese elements into the design of their mooncake gift boxes. Through the above cases, I hope to help you find some inspiration when customizing the packaging box.

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