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Learn about the pretreatment of paper packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-05

Pretreatment of paper packaging box waste refers to the use of physical, chemical or biological methods to transform packaging waste into a disposal form that is convenient for transportation, storage, and recycling. Pretreatment often involves the separation and concentration of certain components in packaging waste and is therefore often a process for recycling materials. The pretreatment technologies mainly include sorting, compaction, crushing and dehydration.

The sorting of packaging waste is to separate various useful resources by manual or mechanical methods, recycle them and use them in different production.

Compacting of packaging waste is an operational technique to reduce apparent volume and improve the efficiency of transportation and management. Compaction technology is more common in foreign countries, and it is only used in limited fields in my country.

The shredding process of packaging waste is the process of reducing its single size and making it uniform in texture, thereby reducing voids and increasing bulk density.

The problem of dehydration of packaging waste is generally used when the packaging waste in municipal waste is mixed with sludge with a large water content. transportation.

Drying is mainly used to package the light materials after crushing and sorting of waste. When such light materials are used for energy recovery or incineration treatment, drying is required to achieve the purpose of removing water and reducing weight.

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