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Lamination process for making kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-16

For the sake of environmental protection, the material of kraft paper bags is generally paper. Many customers will print the names of many companies or many patterns on the box. In order to make the pattern on the box more delicate and keep it longer, A layer of film will be placed on top of the paper.

Kraft paper bags are generally made of gray board and laminated paper. Laminating the paper after printing can increase the aesthetics of the pattern. The film can protect the paper and reduce wear and tear, so that the printed content is not easy to be damaged, which can prolong the life of the kraft paper bag. service life. Kraft paper bag lamination can also increase the load-bearing capacity of paper and improve the load-bearing capacity of kraft paper bags. The feeling brought by different lamination processes in the production of kraft paper bags is also different. The matte film will give people an elegant and restrained feeling, and the bright film will make the pattern color more beautiful. Remind everyone that you can choose the appropriate lamination process according to your own product characteristics.

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