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Kraft paper bags work better than you think

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-05

Many companies always don't pay attention to the kraft paper bags of their products when they make brands. They think that my products are good enough. The price of finding a company to make kraft paper bags is too expensive. You can take a look at the design of cosmetic kraft paper bags, but it is undeniable. The main thing is that the kraft paper bags made by professional kraft paper bag companies will be different from other manufacturers.

1. Identification

This is well understood. The form of a product's kraft paper bag, the content of the screen, and even the choice of fonts and colors need to be based on evidence. The kraft paper bag of the product, first of all, you need to let the audience know what you are. Don't be a noodle, but the box' target='_blank'>packaging is so innovative that people mistake it for milk powder. Such innovation is a failure.

2. Experience

The product pricing is slightly higher than the market average across the board. Such products must make customers feel that they are expensive and expensive. Not to mention the product itself, as far as the kraft paper bag is concerned, it is necessary to fully consider that consumers get it, buy it home, put it in the locker or refrigerator, and then prepare to eat it when it is eaten. Secondary storage after the end. Every link must consider the consumer experience. Inside the large kraft paper bag is an independent calf kraft paper bag, tear one bag at a time. If you can't finish eating it, it's sealed in many ways, and it doesn't take up space in the refrigerator. These specific details will not be discussed any more. We should think about problems from the perspective of consumers, to satisfy and cater to them.

3. Logistics

Our logistics use logistics companies that are recognized by everyone. Our gift box production has also taken this into account. The materials we use will ensure the effect of logistics.

4. Spread

Product Kraft paper bags exist as part of the product. In addition to the basic experience functions, it is also necessary to undertake the responsibility of brand communication. For example, when we were young, many elders kept the glass bottles of coffee to drink water, and we collected exquisite candy kraft paper bags ourselves. These are all invisibly spreading the brand image of each other. In terms of basic communication, you need to help consumers find a reason why they are willing to help you communicate. Remember the event of Helu Snow collecting ice cream sticks many years ago? Do you remember that the outer kraft paper bag of some products can be used as a bookmark? These are the added value of the kraft paper bag as the basic functional attribute.

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