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Kraft paper bags show their popularity and you need to know a few more things

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-06

The kraft paper bag shows its personality and shows the product. The design of the cosmetic box has a good publicity function, which not only enhances the popularity of the product but also enhances the protection of the kraft paper bag. If the kraft paper bag wants to do this What should be paid attention to in those aspects?

From the inside out, the connotation of the product is displayed on the kraft paper bag. Since kraft paper bags are the feeling of consumers, in the era of consumption feeling, it is obvious that the importance of kraft paper bag design is no less than product design; the same product, due to the different design of kraft paper bags, will give consumers different confidence. In the early days of reform and opening up, when consumers could not distinguish brands, they judged cosmetics by the quality of kraft paper bags. Now, in the absence of well-known brands in the gift industry, consumers also use kraft paper bags as a way to distinguish products. quality reference;

On the premise of the same cost, a good kraft paper bag can make people feel more value for money. That is to say, a good kraft paper bag design, under the premise of budgeting the entire sales scale, will control the cost at the original level, and win through the quantity, and design the craft, material and pattern of the kraft paper bag design to a new level.

How to reflect differentiation in the production of gift boxes depends on the strategic positioning of products. Kraft paper bags serve products, and product development focuses on consumer needs and consumer positioning. In the era of increasingly serious product homogeneity, the differentiated kraft paper bag design can stand out among similar products, and then play a role in differentiated protection through the protection of copyright and patent rights.

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