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Kraft paper bags need to be covered? Not necessarily, don't waste your money

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-03

When it comes to kraft paper bags, people will definitely have a question in their minds, what is a kraft paper bag? From the perspective of the kraft paper bag industry, kraft paper bags are paper bags that are completely cut out according to the positive and large dimensions of the paper bags, which are called kraft paper bags. And generally according to the rules of the industry, the production of certain paper bags needs to go through the process of lamination. However, nothing is absolute. With the development of technology and the emergence of more and more emerging materials, kraft paper bags do not necessarily have to be covered. Whether the film is covered or not has a great relationship with the material. Our merchants When producing kraft paper bags, you must pay attention to whether the material used in your paper bags needs to be covered. Customized environmental bag customization company - let me explain it to you.

1. As the future development trend of kraft paper bags, kraft paper does not need to be covered.

We all know that the paper bag film has two functions, one is to make the paper bag stronger and can carry heavier weight, and the other is to waterproof to a certain extent and protect the products in the paper bag. However, the film itself is also selective for the material of the kraft paper bag, and the surface needs to be smooth, so that it can be tightly bonded, and there will be no defects such as air bubbles that affect the appearance.

Since kraft paper is directly pressed from wood fiber, it is all long fibers. In terms of load-bearing, it can bear more weight than other materials. In addition, the surface is not smooth, and it is easy to form air bubbles, resulting in an unbeautiful appearance. Generally speaking, we will not cover the kraft paper.

Second, some special paper kraft paper bags that pursue hand feel are generally not covered with film.

Due to people's requirements for quality, in the research and development of kraft paper bag raw materials, there are also many special papers, such as tactile paper, pearl paper, leather-filled paper, etc. One of the characteristics of these raw materials is to use paper as much as possible The texture of other materials is imitated. Since the texture is reflected, it needs to be directly touched by hand to generate a feeling. If we add a film on this material, then there is no feeling in the hand, it is the same slippery feeling. , then it loses the meaning of making special paper. Generally speaking, we generally do not cover the kraft paper bags made of special paper.

3. What kind of kraft paper bag raw material needs to be covered? In fact, not much.

The most typical raw material for kraft paper bags that needs to be coated is coated paper. Because coated paper has the strongest color expression, in real life, our paper bags generally use coated paper as our main raw material. The white cardboard and black cardboard constitute the three kings of the lamination industry. Although there are few types, the amount of each is very large. Basically, 70% of kraft paper bags are composed of these three materials. , so the rumor that the paper bag needs to be covered in the industry has spread with the frequent use of these three raw materials.

Does the kraft paper bag need to be covered or not, I think after my analysis, you must be very clear, grasp the key points of the matter, but don't lose your wife and break the army, and spend a lot of money.

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