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Kraft paper bags must not make a few mistakes

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-10

The competition in modern business is fierce, and many brands of products flood the consumer market. The 21st century is a society of beauty. Many products of different brands rely on kraft paper bags with their own characteristics to win the attention of consumers. Through the kraft paper bags with beautiful shapes and harmonious colors, they can speak for their own brands and enhance market competition. force. There is a popular saying nowadays: liking a person starts with appearance, falls into talent, and is loyal to character. I feel that the appearance of gift box packaging is not enough, so what are the problems in the current gift box kraft paper bag?

Pursuit of beauty and convenience, ignoring protection function

In order to save input costs, many businesses cut corners when using kraft paper bag materials. Although they save resources, they do not do enough to protect the goods. For example, for some electronic products, although the appearance of the gift box kraft paper bag in the past is not very beautiful, the thick foam board is used inside, which can be well shockproof and compressive during the transportation of the goods, and plays a good protective role. Now, the outer kraft paper bag is beautifully made, but the foam board is saved or replaced with low-cost cardboard, which is easy to damage the goods during transportation.

Excessive kraft paper bags, waste of social resources

Currently, kraft paper bags for many commodities are flashy, over-the-top kraft paper bags. It was very simple to meet the requirements of kraft paper bags, but it was exaggerated by profit-seeking merchants. They used luxurious kraft paper bags to participate in market competition, and packaging design became their means of making profits.

Misleading consumers and negatively impacting brands

When people buy products, they are all guided by the design of kraft paper bags. When consumers spend money and do not buy goods of equivalent value, they will undoubtedly doubt and resist the brand of the goods in their hearts. There are many products currently packaged in a way that is misleading to consumers and negatively impacting brands.

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