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Kraft paper bag production line

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-17

1. Product description

The production line of food kraft paper bags adopts PLC programmable controller and documentary system, which can dynamically monitor all aspects of the production line at any time; the display interface of the touch screen can be adjusted according to different needs and sizes, which greatly improves the operator The use of paper feeding, gluing, cardboard forming four corners, positioning and fitting, automatic introduction, box feeding, hemming, folding ears and folding into the forming action are all completed at one time, and the whole process is automated. The equipment for making kraft paper bags has Neat and beautiful, easy to transport and so on.

2. Product Features

1. The photoelectric tracking system can monitor the dynamics of each link of the production line at any time.

2. OPP tape or hot melt adhesive can be used to seal the box.

3. The machine has good stability, strong continuous operation ability and low failure rate.

3. Scope of application

Can be used in the production of shoe kraft paper bags, shirt packaging boxes, underwear packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, hardware packaging boxes and other carton products. .

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