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Kraft paper bag production and design to understand product characteristics

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-15

Kraft paper bag manufacturers can always make a reasonable kraft paper bag design plan according to the characteristics and functions of the products according to the requirements of customers. Before that, manufacturers need to communicate with customers many times to understand the actual needs of customers in detail, such as customers If you want to achieve a certain effect, highlight the characteristics of a certain aspect of the product, etc., integrate various requirements and then carry out the corresponding design.

Satisfying the basic requirements of customers is the most basic responsibility of every kraft paper bag design manufacturer. On this basis, according to professional production experience, we can put forward our own opinions and better suggestions for customers to choose.

Product packaging wants to achieve the effect that manufacturers need to understand clearly from customers. The general kraft paper bag is made to improve the recognition of the product and stand out among similar products, so as to promote sales. And some packaging is for the convenience of people to carry and use, this kind of packaging usually uses the design of the hand rope, or a matching paper bag is custom-made, which not only does not lower the grade but also achieves the purpose of being easy to carry.

In order to have better display effect in some packaging, for example, the production of kraft paper bags suitable for large-scale exhibitions requires more effort in design, and the design requirements such as shapes and patterns are more refined and beautiful. This kind of exhibition-type packaging is mainly from Breakthrough visually.

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