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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers talk about several common kraft paper bag materials

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-12

There are also various choices of gift packaging materials. As a kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer, we will comprehensively consider the design according to the characteristics of the products and the requirements of customers, combined with the needs of the market and consumers. Packaging materials include paper, wood, plastic, leather and metal. Each material has a different feeling. Paper is more common and can be processed in a wide range of levels. Leather looks high-end, while plastics are mostly used. Lining role, while bamboo, grass and other natural materials are still less used.

For some high-end industries, such as red wine, natural wood or leather with quaint temperament will be chosen to reflect the dignity and naturalness of gifts, and to reflect its unique elegance. Let people feel the natural and civilized atmosphere of the winery brand.

The proportion of paper boxes in gift packaging boxes is relatively large. According to the different levels of gifts, the selection of materials is also very different. Cardboard, gray board, coated paper, gold and silver cardboard, art paper, special paper. . .

Iron boxes are generally used in food packaging kraft paper bags. Metal printing has a more metallic feel than paper printing and plastic printing, which can be more vivid and three-dimensional. Iron boxes are better than paper kraft paper bags. commodity. It is more prominent in terms of moisture and water resistance.

The choice of gift packaging box materials is not only diverse, but also with the changes of the times and the vigorous development of the economy, many new kraft paper bag packaging materials have sprung up in the market and consumers. The word kraft paper bag packaging customization It is no stranger to many people in the industry. If you have related needs, please contact the kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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