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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers should pay attention to some points in production

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-14

It is very difficult for every kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer to make a kraft paper bag because its procedures are more complicated. If one is not careful, all the boxes may be made in vain. What should the manufacturer pay attention to?

Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers can use the color of liquid items as the background color of flexible packaging, such as milk, soy milk, juice...

The color of solid small particle items can also be used for the background color of flexible packaging, such as coffee, MSG...

The color of solid and large particles is not suitable for the background color of flexible packaging, such as dried candied fruit, it is recommended to leave a transparent window on the packaging, or print a full version of opaque color on one side, and only print the description on the back. , making the content transparent and visible

The barcode must have a contrasting background color, and the content cannot be used as the background, so as not to be read by the barcode reader.

There are no strict rules for the text, as long as it is guaranteed that the food contact surface is not printed. The art of text is the space for design to play

The size of the custom text on the packaging box: the product name can be larger, but it depends on the size of the packaging bag, and it can also be artistically processed, that is, to do some text deformation and the like

The description text can be smaller, but it cannot be smaller than 2.5mm, otherwise it cannot be seen. All the text should have a larger contrast with the background color so that it can be clearly read. One principle: good-looking and attractive to buy.

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