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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers need creative design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-12

It is a tradition handed down for thousands of years in China to visit relatives and friends during New Years and festivals. Gift-giving has become a kind of culture. The rise of kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers is a general trend. The requirement of packaging is no longer the simple package, but the pursuit of novel design and beautiful appearance.

This pull-out box moon cake box is made of double-layer pull-out box design, and the material is made of 2.5 gray board mounted on 157g art paper. Four-color printing, with ribbon, lined with 210g white card, spot color printing,

The paper bag is made of 210g white card, four-color printing, three-strand round shoelace rope perforation

Today's packaging industry is in a stage of continuous sublimation. In today's society, everything is about packaging, and packaging can be done anywhere. The market is very competitive. If you lack creativity and characteristics, you will gradually be eliminated. If all the kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers and design companies are willing to do a lot of brainstorming, they may come up with a lot of creativity. Don't fall into the price war forever, jump out of solid-state thinking, and jump out of traditional influence, in order to have good design ideas; if If you don't have such a good idea, you might as well find a kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer. We have our own strong design team. We can create a design for you and create a creative kraft paper bag packaging!

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