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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers have those craftsmanship and

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-14

The materials commonly used by the kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers in the production process are carton, wooden box, metal box, etc. Each material has a different production process. Let’s take the common production process first.

Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers make the plate, the current kraft paper bag is about beautiful appearance, so the color of the plate is also varied, usually a style of kraft paper bag not only has 4 basic colors but also several special colors, such as gold, silver These are all spot colors. Mounting, the usual prints are mounted first and then beer, but kraft paper bags are first beer and then mounted, one is afraid of getting flowers on the wrapping paper, and the other is that the kraft paper bags pay attention to the overall appearance, and the kraft paper bags are all handmade. production, this can achieve a certain beauty.

Customized printing of packaging boxes, kraft paper bags only use printing wrapping paper, laminating paper will not be printed, and most of them are only dyed, because kraft paper bags are outer packaging boxes, so the printing process is very high, and color differences are taboo , Ink dots, rotten version, these shortcomings that affect aesthetics. 4. Surface treatment, the wrapping paper of kraft paper bags usually needs to be surface treated, the common ones are over-gloss glue, over-matte glue, over-UV, over-varnish, over-matte oil.

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