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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers for kraft paper bag packaging materials and processes

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-13

As a professional kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer, we found that in order to stand out in the cruel packaging competition, it is difficult to distinguish the winner from many homogeneous comparison projects, so the post-press process of kraft paper bag packaging has become The key to deciding the outcome.

One point that enterprises need to pay attention to is the choice of product outer packaging materials, which directly affects the quality of the outer packaging box. To make our own packaging boxes better, we must start from the quality and do the key first step. At the same time, for the printing of the packaging box, there must be a purposeful choice, which must meet the needs of popularization, that is, the odor concentration is small, and the characteristics of outdoor exposure for a long time to avoid fading, etc., should also take into account the color matching and pattern clarity. In order to carry out better production of kraft paper bag packaging and printing.

Recently, for example, some highly crafted and artistic carton production is more critical in terms of craftsmanship, such as the use of embossed hot stamping. It uses modern engraving technology to make female and male molds that cooperate with each other. The process of hot stamping and embossing is completed at one time, which improves the production efficiency. The mold made by electro-engraving can transition from curved surface to achieve the three-dimensional relief effect that is difficult to achieve with the mold made by the general erosion method. The widespread rise of embossing hot stamping enables the hot stamping and embossing process to be completed at the same time, reducing the process and the waste generated by inaccurate overprinting.

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