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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers explain the tea box

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-13

The tea kraft paper bags on the market are customized by the kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers according to the requirements of customers, in order to promote the sales of tea. A good tea packaging can increase the price several times.

Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers make tea packaging by using white board paper, gray board paper, etc. to be printed and formed. The carton packaging prevents easy damage and has good shading performance. In order to solve the volatilization of the aroma of the tea packaged in the carton and avoid the influence of the external odor, the tea is generally packed in a polyethylene plastic bag and then put into the carton. The disadvantage of carton packaging is that it is easy to be damp. In recent years, paper-plastic composite packaging boxes have appeared, which overcomes the problem of easy damping of cartons. This kind of packaging material is made of plastic film layer or cardboard coated with moisture-proof paint. The packaging box not only has the function of composite film bag packaging, but also has the protection and rigidity of carton packaging. If it is made into a small packaging bag with a plastic bag inside, the protection effect is better.

Tea packaging box customization is the main way of tea packaging. Through packaging materials of various materials (such as paper, wood, plastic, fabric, metal), tea is packaged into gifts, so as to improve the brand awareness of tea and increase product additional The purpose of the value.

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