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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers call you to know the 'printing method'

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-14

Kraft paper bag packaging factory is a packaging production factory for more than ten years, with double guarantee of quality and reputation. Many people may not know much about packaging production. If you ask us about some packaging production and printing processes, you may not know much about it. Today, Sakura The beauty editor will explain to you what methods of packaging and printing are classified, come and get to know Yingmei together.

Packaging and Printing Classification

Letterpress printing: including engraving printing, movable type printing, photographic copper-zinc printing, resin printing, etc., mostly used for color printing of paper, stickers, etc.

Lithographic printing: that is, offset printing, mostly used for four-color paper printing.

Gravure printing: mostly used for plastic printing.

Stencil printing: mainly screen printing, which can be printed on various materials.

Digital Laser Inkjet Printing: Including inkjet and photo, etc.

To customize product packaging, you must choose a reliable kraft paper bag packaging factory. Only a powerful factory can explain the packaging and printing expertise for you. If you want to know more packaging knowledge, welcome to enter the store for consultation and give you satisfaction s answer.

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