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Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers and packaging design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-15

Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers design and make a kraft paper bag packaging not only for beautiful decoration, but also to give customers an experience. It is understood that 72% of consumers believe that innovative packaging design will influence their purchasing decisions. Kraft paper bag packaging itself is a channel for brand promotion, using product packaging to enhance brand reputation and product sales.

The necessary concepts of packaging design can easily differentiate products and brands. Not only creates graphics and images, but also increases consumers' attention to the product. Not only is it important for the product itself, but also for the entire brand, because it also indirectly reflects the brand's packaging image. Let's talk about a few important packaging customization rules.

1. Know your customers

Before that, it is crucial to understand the needs of the client. The customer is the one who makes the decision. Before designing, it is necessary to do a sufficient analysis of the target audience of the customer. Not only will this help your company’s perception of customers, but it will also make it easier for consumers to understand the message your packaging design conveys.

2. Functionality

A good kraft paper bag packaging, functionality is very important, see it as an opportunity to think of what others can't think of, let customers feel that you are thinking about them. The more creative the box, the more it will stand out from its peers. Remember what your product is, not every product needs a unique design. If you are designing a jewelry box, remember that both children and adults can hold it. If you can think of a box that meets all of these criteria, do it! Rectangles (rectangles) have been popular for a long time. You don't always have to think about the box structure.

3. Style

One of the hot trends of the past few years and now is minimalism. There's a reason for this. In today's increasingly complex world, simplicity is a joy. So, to entice customers to use the product, show them how simple it is with a simple packaging design. If you're going to take the easy route, keep everything simple: fewer graphic elements, smaller graphics, and uniform colors to make the product look more composed. There are few colors, no patterns, and very little text. Even though the design is simple, it still enables customers to clearly understand the information and information of the product. These are some design elements to consider. Consumers don't have time to stop and read every line of text. Packaging designers should understand the main content of packaging design. Usually it is the product's name, brand name and LOGO logo. If that means you're leaving out important information, don't forget that some products have ingredients and warnings on their packaging. For example: ingredients of food, disclosure of potential hazards and product warnings. Guarantee or cosmetic packaging, this is very important for customers.

4. Brand positioning

Whether it's packaging for one product or multiple products, it's critical to let customers know where the product comes from. Kraft paper bag packaging is one of the ways to promote your company's brand. The major portal videos, web design elements and various platform ideas just emphasize their product packaging. What makes this brand unique? How to stand out from many similar products? After all, without these products, the company might not exist at all!

5. Multi-angle test

There are countless ways to display the information customers need to provide on the packaging. Mock up a few different ideas and look at them. Which option stands out for your product? It is important to take other people's opinions here, consult to extract other people's opinions.

6. Printing

Although the design is good, it is important; if the packaging quality is poor, your reputation will be ruined. Once you have chosen a firm, design, make sure you have a manufacturer with experience in customizing kraft paper bags. If there is no suitable packaging box manufacturer near you, it will be a good choice for you, a kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer with more than 20 years of customization experience. Do some research to make sure that the design draft of the product box can be implemented. These problems encountered in the customization of the packaging box and the design of the product packaging box need to be taken seriously, but if they are not followed, there may be errors that are difficult to undo.

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