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Kraft paper bag packaging factory talks about 4 points that need to be paid attention to in packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-12

The ever-increasing commercial competition has made commodity packaging more and more important to manufacturers, which has led to some excessive packaging, which has aroused public attention. The kraft paper bag packaging factory discusses the factors that need to be paid attention to in the packaging design from the perspective of green environmental protection to create reusable and recyclable.

In recent years, the harm of commodity packaging to the environment has attracted widespread attention from the society. During the Double 11 in 2017, according to statistics, the wrapping tape of commodity packaging alone can cover the earth for two weeks. At present, the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and sustainable green packaging will definitely become the mainstream of the industry. This puts forward higher requirements for the packaging and printing industry in terms of raw materials, design, production process, printing process, etc., and needs to be systematically considered in order to create sustainable, recyclable and reusable commodity packaging. The concept of sustainable development is increasingly respected, and it is believed that the following aspects can be started to create sustainable packaging.

1. Saving design and reducing material consumption

Minimalism is an important trend of design in today's design. In packaging design, the use of materials should be minimized without affecting the load-bearing and protection performance of products, and the harm of commodity packaging to the environment will be reduced from the source. . For example, the current product packaging is mostly regular shapes, such as cuboid, cube, etc. The same is true for the design of the internal structure of the packaging, creative design is carried out in the design, the structural design of the packaging is improved, and the space utilization efficiency of the packaging is improved, thereby reducing the The volume of packaging reduces the amount of packaging materials used.

2. Reusable design

At present, the packaging of many commodities is mostly one-time use. After the user opens the packaging and takes out the commodity, the packaging has no use value, and it is difficult to escape the fate of being abandoned. At present, some manufacturers have developed packaging that can be freely assembled in response to this point. Users can adjust the structure of the packaging according to their own needs, so that various daily items can be conveniently stored, thus endowing the product packaging with reusable performance. Such packaging can facilitate the life of consumers, and at the same time avoid the fate of packaging being abandoned, so that the packaging can always remain in the lives of consumers, so that brand promotion can be carried out subtly and brand loyalty can be enhanced. Such packaging can greatly promote the promotion and sales of products, and is a valuable and durable packaging for manufacturers.

3. Using renewable raw materials

In the concept of green environmental protection, more renewable natural materials can be considered in the packaging design. For example, natural materials such as bamboo, straw, vines, etc. have the characteristics of short growth cycle and abundant resources. These natural materials come from nature and return to nature after degradation, and will not cause harm to the environment. The use of these materials can also make the product packaging have a natural charm, add a little warmth in the modern cold business culture, and be more likely to be liked by consumers.

4. Use recyclable materials

With the development of modern technology, more high-tech materials can be used to make packaging. For example, paper and PET can be recycled on a large scale. The use of recyclable packaging materials can effectively reduce the harm to the environment. Building sustainable societies also plays an important role.

The concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and sustainable development has become the consensus of the society. The printing and packaging industry keeps up with the trend of the times and adopts recyclable, reusable and degradable packaging materials to reduce the harm of packaging and printing to the environment. This is the consensus of all kraft paper bag packaging factories and relevant people in the industry. To practice the concept of green packaging, start from me.

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