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Kraft paper bag manufacturers use for logo design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-10

Kraft paper bag manufacturers For the design of kraft paper bags, the most important thing is the LOGO design. LOGO is the soul of a brand. The main purpose of its packaging is to promote the brand in addition to protecting the product.

How much influence does a LOGO have on a brand? It's like when we see Apple, we can think of Apple phones, and think of the Apple logo that was bitten. It is said that Apple designers have two alternatives when designing the logo, one is the full Apple, and the other is the current one. The reason for choosing the latter is to distinguish it from other signs, and now, almost no one does not recognize it.

When designing a handbag, the logo is usually printed in the middle of the bag, so that it is eye-catching. At the same time, there are many processes for LOGO printing, such as bronzing/silver, UV, bump and so on.

The hot stamping/silver LOGO has a strong metallic texture; the LOGO made of UV is flat, shiny, and not easy to fall off; the bump LOGO has a strong three-dimensional effect, which can give people a strong sense of visual hierarchy.

A seemingly tiny LOGO can bring infinite possibilities to a brand. For kraft paper bag manufacturers, its design is also an existence that cannot be ignored.

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