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Kraft paper bag manufacturers talk about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-18

Many people know that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival. The custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year is to admire the moon and eat moon cakes, but many people do not know how the Mid-Autumn Festival came. Today, the kraft paper bag manufacturer will talk about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival began in the early years of the Tang Dynasty, prevailed in the Song Dynasty, and became one of the main festivals in China as famous as the Spring Festival in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Due to the influence of Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival for some countries in East and Southeast Asia, especially the local Chinese and overseas Chinese.

Kraft paper bag manufacturers searched for information online and found that there are two theories about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival. One is that it originated from the sacrificial activities of ancient emperors. It is recorded in the Book of Rites that the Son of Heaven rises to the sun in the spring, and the moon in the autumn, and the evening moon is the sacrifice to the moon. Later, noble officials and scholars followed suit and gradually spread to the people.

Second, the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival is related to agricultural production. Autumn is the harvest season. The interpretation of the word Autumn is: when the crops are mature, it is called Autumn. During the Mid-Autumn Festival in August, crops and various fruits ripen one after another. In order to celebrate the harvest and express their joy, farmers use the Mid-Autumn Festival as a festival. Mid-Autumn Festival means the middle of autumn. The August of the lunar calendar is a month in the middle of autumn, and the 15th is a day in the middle of this month. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival may be a custom inherited from the ancients.

Today, the kraft paper bag manufacturers have talked about this. Do you know more about the Mid-Autumn Festival? There are so many traditional Chinese festivals, it is also very interesting to take a closer look at its origin.

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