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Kraft paper bag making handle - paper handle

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-17

I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the extensiveness of the production of kraft paper bags. Today, I will not discuss the production of kraft paper bags with you. But talk about the kraft paper bag making this handle - paper handle.

The commonly used handle in the production of kraft paper bags is the paper handle. As the name suggests, the paper handle is different from the conventional handle. The paper handle is made of 40-50 kraft paper with two or three layers of twisted rope, and then used under the rope. The paper is fixed in an arc shape and stuck to the mouth of the paper bag.

The paper handle made in this way has a very good bearing capacity, and supermarkets and fruit shops often choose him as the first choice! ! Although kraft paper bags can also be combined with other ropes, but depending on the load-bearing capacity, the paper hands are second to none! !

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