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Kraft paper bag design these 'problems' you can't ignore

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-04

I believe that many people pay more attention to design patterns, logos, and printing issues when designing kraft paper bags, but often ignore more important issues. It's not how beautiful her design is. I choose him. Problems should be taken into account in the design, do you know what the problems are?

1. Product safety. First of all, ensuring the safety of the product is the starting point of the design basis of the kraft paper bag. In the packaging design, relevant safety measures should be designed according to the size of the product and the problems encountered in transportation to ensure the integrity of the product. This is the designer's first priority. issues to consider.

Second, the design style. When designing a package, an excellent designer will design a reasonable proportion for consumers according to the customer's requirements for the package and combine with the actual situation.

3. The difficulty of crafting. In the design of kraft paper bags, in addition to the safety of packaging products and beautiful shapes, designers should consider the production of products when designing. After all, customers who come to customize kraft paper bags are mass-produced, so the design of kraft paper bags should be considered. Whether the product is conducive to the rapid production and processing of the workers.

Four, green packaging, nowadays design, people pay more attention to green environmental protection, the same is true for the design of kraft paper bags, designers should fully consider the concept of environmental protection when designing, design and use environmentally friendly materials, reasonable packaging, and do not damage human beings Packaging that is healthy and does not pollute the environment. This is the choice that consumers pay more attention to.

Five, the color beauty of packaging design. Most people in modern society believe in visual senses, so designers should fully grasp the use of color in packaging design, so that product packaging can more firmly attract the attention of consumers and bring people a bright beauty. Gain the favor of consumers for the product.

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