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Kraft paper bag design must not step on the three minefields!

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-04

With the advent of the Internet+ era, it becomes easier and easier to do business on the Internet, and the threshold for Internet e-commerce is getting lower and lower. More and more production-oriented enterprises and OEM enterprises want to transform and Create your own new brand, and found that many customers do not have a deep understanding of the importance of brand design and kraft paper bag design in the process of creating a new brand. , How can we avoid stepping on these minefields?

【Minefield 1】Lack of 'individual thinking

Many entrepreneurs will analyze, research and learn about competitors in the market when the brand is just starting. We call this market research; It's a very good thing; but in the process of discovering many start-up brands, they tend to know each other and forget themselves. After learning about some leading brands, I feel envious, and finally I can't help but want to imitate directly. The design of the kraft paper bag from the image to the product is imitated all over again, and finally it does not have any of its own characteristics. Red Creative believes that this is the minefield and trap of brand design. We must know that everyone and each brand have their own natural genetic characteristics. As a start-up brand, we should learn from market-leading brands under our own brand genetic characteristics. It is the correct development strategy to create a brand vision and brand image of its own.

【Minefield 2】Lack of 'self-thinking

There is no systematic thinking about the brand image of kraft paper bags, which is usually reflected in for example: thinking that as long as you find someone to make a logo, there will be a brand, first think of a name and register it, and then think that you or a friend will design a kraft paper bag casually. ...and so on, all because of not thinking systematically about your brand. I haven't thought about what the positioning of my brand is, what aspects of the problem it solves for consumers, what characteristics and propositions it should have, how to make the brand image systematic, and how to make consumers remember quickly... What are the selling points of my products? , What is the difference between you and your competitors? How to convince consumers to buy in one sentence? How do kraft paper bags stand out in the terminal... These are the issues that we attach great importance to when helping customers plan and design image kraft paper bags, and are also the key factors for the success of brand building/promotion products. Without pre-planning and planning, your brand image kraft paper bag design is a body without a soul, just a visual element of narrow personal preferences, regardless of establishing a deep brand impression in the minds of consumers. Entrepreneurs often realize these problems after they have been in business for a long time. They can only regret the casualness at the beginning and let their brands take a detour. Every brand vision provided by Red Creative is based on the market, competing products, and crowds. The brand vision after planning and positioning can effectively help entrepreneurial customers to avoid detours and achieve a win-win situation.

【Minefield 3】Lack of 'differentiated thinking

I found that when it comes to brand/product image kraft paper bags, the first reaction of many entrepreneurs is that what we want to do is high-end, international, and high-end, and even some newly established brands are still obsessed with the market. Leaders are more high-end. In fact, in the category of mass consumer goods, start-up brands are like our newly debuted stars, while market brands are like established stars. As soon as you debut, you will be more high-end than the big stars. , basically you are doomed to fail, big stars have big resources, strong teams and funds behind them; these are exactly what you don’t have; the same is true for brands, big brands have more big resources, and they can also be used in image kraft paper Invest more money in the bag, hire a bigger design and planning company to do it, hire a bigger spokesperson... I think that as an entrepreneurial brand, it is absolutely impossible to win against a big brand. On the other hand, if we have differentiated thinking, in terms of marketing strategy, we will not be better than powerful opponents, but will be different and differentiated in value. In terms of image kraft paper bags, it is not who is higher, but Compared with strong features; it is like being in the entertainment circle of handsome guys and beauties, and it will still not affect the existence of Wang Baoqiang and Huang Bo. Therefore, make your brand image unique among competitors, and make your kraft paper bags stand out on the shelves; this is the correct competitive strategy as an entrepreneurial brand.

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