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Knowledge of purchasing and purchasing kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-16

Many customers think that the thicker the kraft paper bag is, the thicker it is when buying kraft paper bags. This is a misunderstanding, so I wrote some common sense for your reference. There are two kinds of kraft paper made of kraft paper bags. The first one is domestic kraft paper (non-wood pulp kraft paper). A certain percentage of waste paper pulp is mixed into the wood pulp during papermaking. This kind of kraft paper has poor bearing capacity and relatively poor texture, so When making paper bags, thicker paper is often used, usually 200-250 grams of raw paper, so the production of thicker kraft paper bags is basically made of domestic kraft paper.

There is also a kraft paper bag made of all wood pulp, 100% all wood pulp, and no waste is added to the wood pulp during papermaking. The price of this kind of paper is about twice as expensive as that of kraft paper that is not made of wood pulp. Although the paper is not thick, it has a very good load-bearing capacity, so it is very good to use 100-120 grams of base paper when making kraft paper bags. Mainly imported kraft paper. White kraft paper - whether it is domestic or imported, it is 100% all-wood pulp kraft paper. It cannot be made white with waste added. Therefore, the production of white kraft paper bags is a relatively expensive paper bag production in kraft paper bags.

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