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Knowledge about Mid-Autumn Festival Paper Bag Making

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-10

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and all kinds of moon cakes appear in the eyes of consumers. Various manufacturers and companies have also begun to actively prepare for the production and printing of Mid-Autumn Festival gift paper bags. Most companies choose to find suitable packaging and printing manufacturers to make customized ones. Featured moon cake gift box packaging. Packaging manufacturers are also busy making moon cake packaging gift boxes recently.

There are two types of custom Mid-Autumn Festival gift box packaging. One is the common and more traditional paper bag making of moon cakes, eight moon cake gift boxes and six moon cake gift boxes. The other is Mid-Autumn Festival gift box sets, which are mostly customized by enterprises, mainly including Moon cakes or corporate products and other holiday gift paper bags are made. There are two main types of Mid-Autumn Festival gift paper bags that are printed by packaging factories. One is book-shaped box packaging. The shape of the book-shaped box is like a hardcover book, so it is called a book-shaped box. The production of book-shaped gift paper bags reveals simple and temperament. Elegant, most of them are coated paper or special paper for printing surface paper and then mounted with gray board, and then hand-made and shaped. Therefore, the production time is longer than that of other product paper bags. Tiandi cover paper bags are also commonly used in the production of holiday gift paper bags. They are also printed on paper and mounted on gray boards, which are exquisite in appearance and easy to open. The production cycle is the same as the book box.

The packaging and printing factory believes that whether it is custom-made traditional moon cake gift paper bag making or Mid-autumn gift box set, the most important thing is to choose the relevant box type and material according to the needs, which conforms to the corporate image and reflects the product characteristics.

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