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Key steps in high-end packaging box design

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-04

Packaging design refers to the selection of materials and the combination of structure, typography, colors, images and other elements to make the outer packaging of the product more unique and attractive. The main purpose of high-end packaging box design is to protect the product during transportation, increase brand awareness and define the brand identity, and stimulate the interest of potential customers. We can use packaging design as a branding tool to enhance the first impression of products on customers and help companies achieve their marketing goals. From packaging design to product launch, we need to understand the following key steps.

Product introduction——If I don't have the design ability, then in this step, the company should establish communication with the packaging design company and introduce the brand and product. This includes the industry the company belongs to, the product type of the brand, the sales method and the target customers, etc. The packaging box is the facade of the product and the brand. The key elements of the brand should be clearly displayed in the high-end packaging box, such as: color, font, Logo, etc.

Research - In the research stage, it is not only necessary to study the advantages of products and brands, but also to understand the needs of customers, competitors' packaging designs and potential customers' impressions of their brands, etc. In the end, the brand side should also adjust the designer's decision to better highlight the product.

Conception - After the designer has made the final decision, he will conceive the packaging design, consider some elements to be applied in the packaging design and the positioning of the product, so as to ensure that the packaging design is consistent with its brand image.

Design review and improvement—Once you have a basic idea of ​​the packaging design, you need to conduct a comprehensive review of the design. If you are not satisfied with the color, font, image and other elements in the design artwork, you can also modify it according to your needs. Changes are made and the final design matches the brand positioning and the preferences of potential customers.

Production - When the final design is approved, you can contact a professional box manufacturer for production. If you are not familiar with the packaging material and process, you can ask the packaging manufacturer to recommend it. If you cannot control the effect of packaging box customization, you can also make a proof of the packaging first.

Although, on the surface, the process of high-end packaging box design looks very simple, but in practice it is very complicated. From the above article, we can know that custom packaging requires technology, strategic thinking and creativity to make products stand out from the shelf and be purchased by customers.

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