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It is very important to have exquisite color matching for the gift box packaging of the paper bag customization

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-23
Holiday gift-giving and exchange of gifts between friends and relatives have become a part of communication. Nowadays, gift boxes are becoming more and more delicate and beautiful, so the process and color requirements for custom ribbon packaging for portable paper bags have also changed a lot. So, what effect does color have on gift packaging?

First of all, the workmanship should be fine, and then the colors should be diverse. Usually, a style of gift box not only has 4 basic colors, but also several special colors, such as gold and silver. These are all special colors.

Color is very important, bright colors and bright features will give people a warm feeling. If the color design is too diverse, it will weaken the grade of the gift in a certain form, and it will also give consumers a sense of loss of dignity. The color matching of the customized packaging method of the paper bag is the key. In terms of the color of the ribbon, gold and silver are all-match colors; if several double bows overlap each other, it is beautiful to use gold or silver to support the bottom. As for the ribbon, it should also match the color of the wrapping paper. It is best to use the color that has appeared on the wrapping paper as much as possible for the custom-made color ribbon for the paper bag. You can also choose the same color. If the wrapping paper is purple, the ribbons are available in purple and blue.
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