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Is the quality of your tote bag made right?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-25

Some merchants in the market pursue the so-called feeling, and always choose the paper they think is good when customizing the paper bag. In fact, if the quality of the paper bag is not selected correctly, the following embarrassment will inevitably occur: the paper bag is made with holes, and the bag cannot Print the pictures you want, the printing effect is not good, and so on. So how to choose the paper quality of the paper bag?

When choosing a custom paper bag to make sheets, if the material requirements are not high, it is recommended to use 157g or 200g coated paper. This paper material is characterized by toughness and flatness, good look and feel, and medium price. The load-bearing capacity varies according to the processing technology and thickness. If it needs to be matched with heavier packaging products, 190g coated paper or white cardboard over 210g can be used for printing. Coated paper is suitable for high-quality color printing, so art shopping bags are often made of 120-150 pounds of coated paper.

In addition, in order to improve the bearing capacity and glossiness when using coated paper or cardboard to make a custom-made portable paper bag, the strength can also be increased by laminating or sub-filming.

If there are certain requirements for materials, such as load-bearing and environmental protection, kraft paper can be used as a portable paper bag. Kraft paper is tough and environmentally friendly. It is currently widely used in all walks of life. According to its color, it can be divided into: white kraft paper, yellow kraft paper, two-color kraft paper and other papers. But the price is a little higher.

In addition to the above two commonly used paper, there is also art paper. Art paper is a vague term used to describe paper that has been processed and dyed. Usually art paper is tougher than coated paper, and the paper quality is diverse. Many art papers of 100-150 pounds are quite suitable for making paper bags, but the cost of paper is high.

Now, you should have a general understanding of the material selection for making paper bags? Then go to Guangzhou Portable Paper Bag Making Printing Factory to see which one is more suitable for you.

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