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Is the production of kraft paper bags environmentally friendly?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-19

Today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, environmentally friendly things are always popular, and because of this, the development of paper bag manufacturers is getting better and better, because in the consciousness of many people, paper bag production is more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, So gradually when I go out shopping, I choose to make paper bags that can be reused many times. But is the production of kraft paper bags really environmentally friendly? In this regard, the reason why some people continue to question the environmental protection of the production of environmentally friendly kraft paper bags is more about the doubts about the predecessors of kraft paper and other paper-making enterprises, as well as the debate on the raw materials used in the production of environmentally friendly kraft paper bags. Let's see from which two points this is debated:

1. People who think that the production of environmentally friendly kraft paper bags are not environmentally friendly are more concentrated in the current paper-making pollution. Due to the current unbalanced economic development in my country, according to the survey of Hundred Years of Paper, there are large and small paper mills in various places. Vigorously rectify, but there are still many places that are still reserved for local economic development, so these people think that the problem of making environmentally friendly kraft paper bags is not environmentally friendly is here. Therefore, it is very important whether paper mills can keep up with the times and eliminate the serious pollution production methods in the past. Only when the source environmental protection problems are well addressed can packaging manufacturers obtain environmentally friendly raw materials for production.

2. Those who think that environmentally friendly kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly think that, compared with other packaging materials, whether it is kraft paper or white kraft paper, the finished products can be 100% recycled and reused, even if they are discarded, they will be quickly Decomposition, will not cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, people must recycle the paper bags that can no longer be used, and do not throw them away as garbage, which is a waste of resources.

The four methods of making kraft paper bags are as follows:

1. The production of small white kraft paper bags. Generally, the number of such bags is large and they are widely used. Many businesses require this kind of kraft paper bags to be cheap and durable. Rope-attached, fully machine-operated.

2. The practice of making medium-sized kraft paper bags. Usually, the production of medium-sized kraft paper bags is made of kraft paper bags made by machines and then manually pasted with ropes. Due to the current domestic kraft paper bag making molding equipment Due to the limitation of the molding size, and the kraft paper bag making rope sticking machine can only stick the rope of the smaller handbag, the method of making the kraft paper bag is limited by the machine. Many bags cannot be produced by the machine alone.

3. Large bags, kraft paper bags with reverse heads, thick yellow kraft paper bags, these kraft paper bags are made by hand. At present, there is no domestic machine that can solve these kraft paper bags. It can only be made by hand. The production cost of this type of kraft paper bag is relatively high, and the quantity will not be large.

4. No matter what kind of kraft paper bag above, if the quantity is not large enough, it is generally made by hand, because the production loss of machine-made kraft paper bag is large, and there is no way to solve the method of making small quantity of kraft paper bag.

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