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Is the custom-made jewelry handbag suitable for luxury style?

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-06
Speaking of packaging that takes the luxury route, most of us think of luxury jewelry, luxury goods, etc., especially expensive jewelry, but does the customization of jewelry portable paper bags require luxury style? Is it suitable? The editor thinks that it is not necessary.

As we all know, Europe is a big country of luxury goods. Europeans who have been enjoying themselves have been infiltrated in luxury goods. Their attitude towards luxury goods is actually more subtle. They have always pursued low-key luxury. Paper bag customization will think that the most important thing is to give play to the customized packaging function of portable paper bags. Too dazzling and luxurious packaging is a waste of packaging materials and does not conform to their usual aesthetics.

Chinese people are no longer unfamiliar with luxury goods, and at the same time, they are not as fanatical as in previous years. The newly rich in China are more restrained and no longer need to carry a luxurious hand-made paper bag to advertise their social status. And identity.

There is another reason. If you choose too luxurious paper handbags, sometimes it will be counterproductive. Although luxurious paper packaging bags can effectively attract consumers in a short period of time, consumers will find that the goods inside such eye-catching packaging are actually so mediocre, which will greatly reduce consumers' impression of jewelry brands. .
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