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Inventory the packaging structure of cosmetic paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-31

Tube box, box box, sky and earth cover box, drawer box, hand-held box... With the continuous change of market demand, the packaging structure of cosmetic boxes also appears in new forms. The novel cosmetic box structure, which combines creativity and practicality, is favored by consumers. What kind of paper bag making structures are currently on the market, which must also be the concern of many cosmetics merchants. Below is a brief overview for you.

1. Single carton packaging Many single cosmetics such as powder, moisturizing and whitening are mostly packaged in single carton. This carton pack is simple, convenient and perfect for a single cosmetic product. According to the introduction of Beijing cosmetic paper bag production and printing factory, the current single carton packaging roughly includes three types: tube box, box box and heterosexual box. Among them, the box-type box has a larger box shape and has sufficient space for surface decoration design. Whether it is printing product manuals or printing exquisite pictures, it can better promote the contents.

2. Combination carton packaging Combination carton packaging, also known as carton combination packaging, is a complete set of serial packaging for cosmetics of the same brand and different functions. This type of packaging is not only convenient for consumers to buy, but also helps in the development of promotions. Compared with the production of a single cosmetic paper bag, half of the combined packaging will be sold at a lower price than the overall price. A complete set of packaging design, coupled with good color design, can effectively enhance its visual impact.

3. Folding carton packaging Folding carton packaging mainly consists of four groups of folding cartons. This structural carton is a fixed pasting type and has many variations. According to different structural requirements, the carton can be sealed The structure is changed, and it is designed to be a one-plate forming structure. It is mainly used for collective packaging of cosmetic wholesales, and can also be used as a complete set of gift paper bags after decoration or adding auxiliary structures. The novel style is also favored by many consumers. With the prosperity of the cosmetics industry, the production of cosmetic paper bags is also increasingly diversified. From the production of single cosmetic paper bags to the production of combined paper bags, the production of folding paper bags is gradually becoming the mainstream. It is expected that more innovative cosmetic paper bags will appear in the consumer market in the future.

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