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Introduction to various processes in paper bag making and printing

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-27

  Various special processes are used in the printing of portable paper bags, such as commonly used bronzing, bumps, UVs, etc., to reflect the printing effects of various paper bags. Let's take a brief look at the various processes.

 1. The printing process of bronzing The bronzing process is made by first making the required bronzing or bronzing pattern into a relief plate and then heating it, and finally placing the aluminum foil paper of the required color on the printing surface of the paper bag. After pressing, the aluminum foil is attached to the surface of the paper bag. Paper bronzing paper materials can be divided into many kinds, and there are various colors and various color golds.

 Second, the printing process of the surface coating The coating process is the processing technology on the surface or inside of the paper bag after printing. The process is to use a laminating machine to cover the surface of the paper bag with a transparent plastic film. Kind of paper processing technology. In the production of paper bags, the production of white cardboard bags and coated paper must be coated on both sides, while the production of kraft paper bags is not required. If it is for waterproofing, the inner side of the kraft paper bag can be laminated.

 3. Concave-convex printing process Concave-convex is to use the pressure of a concave-convex printing machine to roll the selected parts or text patterns on the printed paper bag into a conspicuous three-dimensional effect.

 Four. UV printing process UV is a semi-transparent ink with uneven metal surface gloss. It is a process of curing by external light.

 In addition to the above-mentioned common processes, paper bag making and printing processes also include refraction, cross-cutting and creasing, dripping and so on.

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