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Introduction to the production process of environmentally friendly kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-02

The production of environmentally friendly kraft paper bags is determined according to different types of products, and different products have different requirements for weight, size, etc., so we must choose the appropriate environmentally friendly kraft paper bags to make.

1. For general dry goods, American waste or European waste can be used to control the production of base paper according to A or B grade kraftboard. The surface layer can be covered with noodles or not. The basis weight of the paper can be between 135 and 150 g/m2. The weight of 25*20*375px kraft paper bag can reach 8~15kg.

2. For goods that need to withstand a certain amount of moisture, all waste paper can also be used to make environmentally friendly bags. It's just that on the basis of the above standards, adding some wet strength agent 0.5~1.0%, the wet strength can reach 10~15% of the dry strength.

3. For meat or other wet goods, all waste paper can also be used to make shopping bags with eco-friendly bags. This requires adding an environmentally friendly oil repellent to the pulp or coating the surface during the papermaking process. It is also possible to spray water-soluble or degradable resin on the kraft linerboard with good surface strength.

4. When making paper, water-soluble yarn is added between the two layers of pulp in combination with the textile principle. One layer of this kind of paper can reach the strength of four layers of kraft paper, which can completely replace ordinary cement bag paper for making environmentally friendly bags. Likewise, a single layer of paper can be used on shopping bags.

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