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Introduction to the production of cosmetic kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-06

The production of cosmetic kraft paper bags can generally be divided into several types of kraft paper bags for transportation, kraft paper bags for sales and medium kraft paper bags.

(1) Production of kraft paper bags for transportation cosmetics: It is the outer kraft paper bag of the product. Its main function is to protect the product to withstand the influence of various mechanical and climatic factors in the circulation process, and to ensure that the product is delivered to consumers intact. .

(2) Production of kraft paper bags for sales cosmetics: It is the inner kraft paper bag of the product. It is a kind of packaging to meet consumers directly. The function of the kraft paper bag is not only to protect the product, but also to be convenient to use and carry. And there are beautification products to play the role of publicity.

(3) Production of medium-grade cosmetic kraft paper bags: Medium-grade kraft paper bags play the role of measuring, separating and protecting products, and are an integral part of transportation packaging. But there are also products that are put on the shelves to meet consumers. This type of medium-sized packaging shall be considered the sales package.

The basic principle of making cosmetic kraft paper bags, the production of kraft paper bags of products should conform to the principles of science, economy, beauty, marketability and environmental protection.

(1) Kraft paper bags are an integral part of the production and operation system. Excessive customization of kraft paper bags and imperfect customization of kraft paper bags will affect the sales of products.

(3) Products are the center of kraft paper bag customization, and the development of products and packaging are synchronized. A good electronic product kraft paper bag customization can increase the attractiveness of the product, but no matter how good the kraft paper bag is, it cannot cover inferior products. Defects.

(4) Kraft paper bags have three functions of protecting products, stimulating purchasing power, and providing convenience for consumers. Economic kraft paper bags are aimed at the lowest cost, and kraft paper bags must be standardized.

(5) Kraft paper bag customization is a science and an art. Product packaging must be continuously improved and improved in a changing environment according to market dynamics and customer preferences.

(6) Save limited resources, use suitable custom kraft paper bags, prevent pollutants from exceeding the standard, promote the application of degradable and easy-to-recycle materials, and implement green packaging.

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