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Introduction of white kraft paper in the production of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-19

Kraft paper bag making is one of the most advanced paper bag making, which is divided into natural yellow kraft paper and white kraft paper. Among them are single-sided white and double-sided white. The white kraft paper is white kraft paper. White kraft paper is used a lot as a material for making paper bags. For example, many well-known companies in the clothing and food industries we know use white kraft paper.

According to the degree of whiteness, it is divided into plain white and ultra-white kraft paper, both of which are commonly used in the production of paper bags. Due to various reasons such as wood pulp and water hardness during production, the color of white kraft paper will also have many differences. If you have high requirements for paper, you can compare the paper samples you need to avoid problems when it comes to customization.

The raw material of white kraft paper is actually more expensive than white card and copper plate. However, because we generally use white kraft paper bags to make do not need lamination, and the first two require double-sided lamination, and we use white kraft paper to make paper bags, the number of grams used is also relatively low, so white kraft paper bags are made in In the case of the same process, there is still a relatively large advantage in terms of cost.

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