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Innovative consciousness of tea kraft paper bag packaging design

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-10

The packaging of tea kraft paper bags largely determines whether a product can be sold, whether it can obtain a good reputation and sales, and whether it can be loved and recognized by consumers. Good tea naturally has good packaging, and an excellent tea packaging design can give full play to the role of packaging design. Thereby, the cost-effectiveness of tea will be improved, and the sales will be better. Therefore, to complete an excellent tea packaging designer requires certain professional knowledge and design.

The packaging design of tea kraft paper bags is not only an artistic creation, but also an important item of marketing. The designer should design the packaging from the perspective of marketing; the packaging design is to be simplified for clarity, while exaggeration is to be changed for prominence. The point is to make some changes to the main image. Exaggeration not only has trade-offs, but also emphasizes, so that although the main image is unreasonable, it is reasonable. The expression method is full of romantic interest. The exaggeration of the packaging picture generally pays attention to the cute, vivid and interesting features, and it is not appropriate to use the form of ugliness.

Tea kraft paper bag packaging shape printing design. Packaging design, also known as body design, mostly refers to the shape of the packaging container. It uses the principles of aesthetics to visually express the packaging container shape with packaging function and beautiful appearance through changes in form, color and other factors. The packaging container must be able to reliably protect the product, must have an excellent appearance, and must also be economical.

Packaging structure design of tea kraft paper bag. Packaging structure design is a design based on the protection, convenience, reusability and other basic functions of packaging and actual production conditions, and based on scientific principles to specifically consider the external and internal structure of the packaging. An excellent structural design should take the effective protection of commodities as its primary function; secondly, it should consider the convenience of use, carrying, display, shipping, etc.; it should also try to consider functions such as reuse and display of contents.

Tea kraft paper bag packaging and decoration printing design, packaging and decoration design is in the form of pattern, text, color, embossing and other art forms, highlighting the characteristics and image of the product, and striving for exquisite shape, novel pattern, bright color, bright text, decoration and beautification products to promote product sales. Packaging and decoration is a comprehensive science, which is not only a practical art, but also an engineering technology. It is an organic combination of arts and crafts and engineering technology, and considers marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines.

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