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[Increasing knowledge] Take a look at these four categories of paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-18

Paper bag making is the first step in custom packaging. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. Many companies are hesitant about the theme of paper bag making, and they can't grasp their minds. In fact, if you know the classification of paper bag making, then your paper bag making is not difficult. We only need to design around one or two of the themes, and soon a packaging prototype will come out. So what are the four major categories of paper bag making?

1. Brand concept packaging

Brand packaging refers to packaging products that have formed a brand concept in the minds of the masses. Like drinking soda and thinking of Coca-Cola, and eating nuts and three squirrels. Competitive products of the same price and quality, consumers will be loyal to the brand because of the brand characteristics of modern commercial packaging. We can't avoid thinking from this perspective when designing packaging.

2. Cultural characteristic packaging

China, one of the four ancient civilizations, has a splendid culture of five thousand years that has left us a lot of design materials. Including the use of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain patterns, while adding Chinese painting, calligraphy and other Chinese characteristic elements of Maojian tea packaging. This kind of paper bag with cultural characteristics is currently mostly used for tea packaging and wine packaging. With the development of society, people pursue changes and prefer natural and original ecological things. Therefore, the form of cultural packaging will also be used in other product packaging in the future.

3. Green theme packaging

The theme of green health has slowly spread in the society, and people have realized its importance. Therefore, when making paper bags, if you are dealing with healthy products, this must be indispensable in the concept of paper bag making.

4. Personalized theme packaging

The pursuit of individual innovation is the next trend. Homogeneous packaging has been seen too much. If you have an innovative idea for making paper bags, it must become the focus of public attention.

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