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In the production of t-shirt paper bags, the neutral gray that challenges the color strength

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-21

In fact, there is another important reason why the old master hastily bought new ink to match the production of t-shirt paper bags, considering that the neutral gray cardboard has extremely high requirements on the packaging factory, which is also reflected in the tinting strength Above, at present, many of the materials used to make clothes paper bags are gray playing cards, and then the top layer of paper looks good, but there are some more picky substrates like neutral gray, which require more comprehensive performance of the ink, in addition to requiring transparency In addition to the high requirements of the t-shirt paper bag production process, the tinting strength of the ink is also very particular. Published: December 27, 2017 10:34:51

After placing the new batch of ink, the old master did not rush to make T-shirt paper bags. Instead, he first adjusted the tinting strength of these inks, and after doing various tests, he saw the old master put the ink on the ink. I added some solvent to it, and then stirred it. I asked the master: Master Li, what did you add? The old master said: The pigment is added to make the bonding material of the ink more abundant, so that he can have a good dispersing power when coloring, so as to adjust the coloring power. Don't underestimate these pigments, it is a very important step, We all have to adjust these inks for t-shirt bags first to see if they are up to the standard of printing on neutral grey.

I thought that I could start printing T-shirt paper bags with peace of mind after I bought new inks. The preparatory work before making paper bags was so tedious, and I had to adjust this and that. Admiration for the old master at this time. The heart arises spontaneously. These professional operations must be accumulated experience over many years. They do not work for the sake of work, but work for the enjoyment of work. It is their original intention to make the products in their hands more perfect.

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