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Impressed by the making of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-18

Think about what we did with the pocket money we saved when we were young? A toy is also a book. The following child is very different. He used the 120 dollars he had saved through hard work. To help those who are homeless, it all starts with making kraft paper bags on the dining table.

He wanted to use the money to help the homeless and prepare delicious lunches for them. The parents of the children originally wanted to buy the food themselves to do this, but finally decided to let the little boy control his own money. They bought a lot of ingredients and made a lot of sandwiches. These sandwiches were then packed into kraft paper bags to make. The little boy insisted on handing out most of the sandwiches himself, despite the help of his parents.

No one would have thought that such a small child could have such a desire. People who know how to give since childhood will definitely do more when they grow up. Because of his kraft paper bags full of love, those homeless people can also have a full meal. It is precisely because of this that the production of this small kraft paper bag has also changed. It carries not only a simple lunch, but a deep heart and friendship, which is worth cherishing and learning. virtue.

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