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How to use the color matching of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-04

When you go to the market, you will see all kinds of kraft paper bags. Each kraft paper bag has a different color. Color can arouse people's visual experience and make people want to buy through color. The cosmetic box is designed in How does the use of color take advantage of this point?

Kraft paper bags should start from the constituent elements such as trademark, pattern, color, shape, material, etc., on the basis of considering the characteristics of the product, follow some basic principles of the brand, such as: protecting the product, beautifying the product, convenient to use, etc. The elements are coordinated and matched to complement each other to obtain a good kraft paper bag solution. Establish and convey aesthetics through abstract or figurative visual graphics to show rich corporate connotations, fully interpret products, and deliver high-quality quality information to consumers, so that consumers can fully associate the use value of products and generate desire to buy, Just imagine that if the kraft paper bag does not use color, its artistic aesthetics will be greatly weakened, because the color has a strong visual appeal and expressive force on the modern commodity kraft paper bag, but it does not mean that the color on the kraft paper bag is as bright as possible. Different colors have different psychological and physiological effects on people, and different commodities have different characteristics. The kraft paper bag itself is particularly concerned about the taste of color use and the overall configuration of colors. The configuration between colors can produce various styles and tastes, reflecting the characteristics of various commodities, and there are many styles of colors. Each has its purpose. With the in-depth study of color, the color style becomes more and more subtle and diverse. Therefore, the use of kraft paper bag color should be just right to form a special and artistic harmonious effect. Today, when various markets and optional stores are springing up like mushrooms, direct-to-consumer is the kraft paper bag of the product itself. A good kraft paper bag can directly attract the attention of consumers and make consumers have a strong desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting smoothness. As it is often said, kraft paper bags are silent salesmen!

Only kraft paper bags can make comprehensive use of color, shape, material and other elements, and at the same time show the connotation and information of products, brands and other enterprises, highlight the common interests of products and consumers, and form a more intuitive impact on consumers. In turn, it affects consumers' impression of products and enterprises, so that products are prominently placed on the shelves, effectively accomplishing the purpose of attracting consumers. From the point of view of marketing, the pattern and color of the brand kraft paper bag are important factors to highlight the personality of the product, and the personalized brand image is an effective means of promotion. Whenever we enter the market, we will see a lot of gift boxes made, each with beautiful shapes and bright colors. We are more likely to be attracted by those kraft paper bags with strong colors. This is the color of kraft paper bags. effect. It attracts people's attention and helps consumers to recognize and associate with the product, thereby arousing the desire to buy. The effect of the design of the product kraft paper bag also depends to a large extent on the use of color, because the color is used to set off the theme, Beautifying the product and making it easier for consumers to identify the product all play an important role. The configuration of the product pictures, text and background in the kraft paper bag pattern is mainly to attract the attention of customers and directly promote the brand. The kraft paper bag pattern is more specific, stronger and more convincing to customers than the brand name, and is often accompanied by immediate purchase behavior

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