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How to Test the Effectiveness of Gift Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-14

We all know that one of the main purposes of packaging design is to create beautiful box' target='_blank'>gift boxes that will help sell your products. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that your packaging communicates with potential customers. Below we've collected some tips on how to test the effectiveness of your gift box and how to tweak your packaging design to attract customers.

Whether it meets the marketing needs

Gift boxes are usually designed by a team of packaging designers. However, the packaging box is a tool for brand and product marketing. Before designing the packaging box, the design team should also listen to the suggestions of the marketing department. For example: product positioning, target user information, how the marketing department will launch the product, and so on. Therefore, after the packaging design is completed, it is necessary to test whether the gift box meets the promotion needs of the marketing department.

Whether it meets customer needs

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the brand. Therefore, it needs to be customized according to the needs of customers. Designers need to know the age, gender, occupation and other information of the target customer group. Then combine this information to design a gift box that matches its aesthetic.

After the product is sold, the customer's feedback on the packaging box should also be followed up continuously. Now that self-media has thoroughly penetrated into people's lives, there is nothing easier than collecting customer feedback through platforms such as Douyin.

box security

The gift packaging box not only needs to protect the safety of the product during transportation and warehouse, but also for some special products, such as cosmetics, food and other products that are sensitive to light and oxygen, the gift packaging box should also be specially customized according to the needs.

Therefore, many brands will make a sample before customizing the packaging box, and then test the sample for drop, extrusion, sealing, and shading.

The basis for testing the effectiveness of gift packaging boxes is the purpose that the brand side hopes to use the packaging box to achieve, and finally test according to the purpose. But in any case, high-end packaging boxes should meet marketing needs, customer needs and ensure that products are delivered to customers intact.

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