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How to solve the problem of paper bag production quality?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-15

   One. The design and processing of paper bag production are inseparable from the size. The inner diameter size is 3mm higher than the maximum size of the contents, and the outer diameter size is based on the requirements of freight shipment. The processing size is not only related to the inner diameter and outer diameter, but also the thickness of the cardboard. The size seriously affects the items to be installed. If the size is large, it is a waste. If the size is small, the product cannot be installed, causing economic losses.

   2. If the corrugated base paper is affected by air humidity and causes softness, blistering, unevenness, etc., this will greatly reduce the quality of paper bags. The paper bag factory reminded that protection should be done well and the cardboard should not be exposed to moisture. If the cardboard is not flat due to other reasons, it is necessary to control the collision and shrinkage coefficient of the paper. If you want to produce good cardboard, keep the single-sided machine in good condition.

   3. Printing the characters on the surface of the paper bag according to the customer's requirements, sometimes it will cause irregularities, different sizes, etc., which should be corrected in time and the layout proofread. The printing quality of the layout is poor, this is because the ink viscosity is not well controlled, and the cardboard is not flat when the ink is conveyed and the paper is fed. The layout is vague, which is the result of high printing pressure.

   Fourth, in the process of making paper bags, the production of paper bag flaps is an important indicator, and general customers pay special attention to this. Pay attention to controlling the quality of the material and choose good quality cardboard.

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