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How to solve the problem of color fading during the printing process of paper bag production?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-22

 Due to the different uses of making hand-held paper bags, the requirements for making paper bags are also different. Some will need to be processed in multiple colors.

 Improper handling of this printing process will cause various problems, which will greatly reduce the overall effect of paper bag making. The following editor has sorted out several common problems and corresponding solutions.

 First of all, we most often encounter the problem of color fading or incomplete printing. On the front page, we can choose to do a surface treatment, such as laminating, oiling, UV, etc., because there is a layer equivalent to a protective film on the surface of the paper bag, which will greatly reduce the probability of color fading. The kraft paper bag is made of natural ink because of its better absorption performance, so the problem of color fading will not generally occur.

 But sometimes there will be problems of incomplete coloring, especially for the production of yellow kraft paper bags with a heavier background, we need to overprint many times, but we need to pay attention to each printing, if it is not allowed, it will easily appear For the effect of ghosting, it would be better to deal with the blank part.

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