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How to reflect the advantages of kraft paper bag printing?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-10

Which is the most common type of kraft paper bag? Kraft paper bags are definitely included. Especially after the country imposed strict restrictions on plastic bags, kraft paper bags became the new favorite under the ban on plastic bags, and the printing of kraft paper bags also ushered in the spring.

Many people will ask, what are the advantages and characteristics of kraft paper bag printing compared with other kraft paper bag printing? How should kraft paper bag printing seek secondary development in the fierce market environment? Professionals pointed out that the main reason why kraft paper bag printing has become the mainstream of the market is that it is stained with the word environmental protection. As we all know, paper kraft paper bags are an inevitable product of green environmental protection. Moreover, there are many kinds of paper kraft paper bag printing, including relatively heavy white cardboard, embossed paper, coated paper, matte coated paper, as well as tough kraft paper, kraft cardboard and offset paper.

Compared with other kraft paper bag printing, the biggest advantage of paper kraft paper bag printing lies in the maturity of the printing process. Simply coating the paper surface with a glossy film or a matte film can make the kraft paper bag moisture-proof and durable. , and it looks more refined. In specific printing, the natural adsorption of paper to ink is also convenient for coloring and color fixing, and it will not fade as easily as non-woven fabrics.

It should be noted that the main graphic and text of the front and back design of the paper kraft paper bag printing should be avoided at the crease, and the part where several crease lines on the side meet, it is best not to have graphics and text, otherwise, the crease affect it.

For experienced printing staff, these have long been kept in mind, and it also shows from one side that the printing of kraft paper bags should choose a printing factory with scale, strength and experience to undertake orders, such as Shanghai Haohe Printing Co., Ltd. It is a well-known brand in the industry.

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